Auto Care Treatments
Silicone Fluids and Silicone Fluid Blend

     Silicone Emulsions and Film-Forming Silicone Emulsions

    Tire Shine/Dressing Additives (Silicone Fluid Blends and Emulsions)
    Tire Shine/Dressing Additives (Silicone Fluid Blends and Emulsions)
    Trim and Polishes (Silicone Fluid Blends and Emulsions)
    Rubbing Compound (Silicone Emulsions)
    Water Beading and Sheeting (Silicone Fluid Blends and Emulsions)

    Windshield Protectant (Silicone Emulsions)

Industrial Mold Release 
    Additives (Silicone Fluids and Silicone Blends)
    Water Based Release Agents (Silicone Film-Forming Emulsions)

    Solvent Based Release Agents

Plastic Food Containers and Thermoforming
    Food Grade Silicone Emulsion


​​Inks, Paints & Coatings
    Leveling (Silicone Fluids and Silicone Fluid Blends)
    Antifoams (Organic Water Based and Industrial Antifoams)

Agriculture Adjuvants
   Antifoams (Silicone and Organic Antifoams)​


Wastewater Processing
   Silicone Industrial Antifoams

   Organic Based Industrial Antifoams

Food Processing
    Food Grade Silicone Antifoams

    Organic Based Antifoams

Metalworking (Grinding, Cutting, and Polishing)
    Silicone Industrial Antifoams

    Organic Based Industrial Antifoams

Plastic Bottle Recycling
    Industrial Antifoams (Silicone and Organic Industrial Antifoams)

    Food Grade Antifoams (Silicone and Organic Food Grade Antifoams)

Animal Feed Additives
    Antifoams (Animal Feed Antifoam)​